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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Forever After

Have you ever heard of a fabulous site called Twin Stitchers?  

Twin Stitchers

Coley and Crista are twins that love to craft and are very artistic.  Their work is amazing.  You will have to check them out. Here is why. Not only are they amazing, they are having a BOGO sell! All their patterns are buy one get one free. And, if you check out their site, you will have to get some patterns! I have fallen in love!

Here is a completed project that I finished this week for a friend's wedding

I bought four patterns and Im excited to try them all out. Soon, I will save up to get one of the Family Tree patterns. They have a cute one of kids on a swing set!  Go check out Twin Stitchers!

(Twin Stitchers did not endorse this post)

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  1. Love your blog!
    Gave you a 'Beautiful Blog' Award!
    Ashley @ No Apologies


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