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Monday, November 30, 2009

12 Days of Christmas

ReDeemed button

Check out the twelve days of Christmas starting tomorrow! I am going to be the guest blogger on Day 12 (12 Drummers Drumming). Hopefully you can stop by and check it out!
Also, check back tomorrow! Exciting news!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

homemade memory game

I have fallen in love!

Check out this Homemade Memory Game from Brixton Lane.  You will fall in love too! And so simple!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Shower Curtain Ring Bracelet

Have an extra shower curtian ring hanging around the house?  If so (or if not you can get them at the dollar store), you HAVE to check out this great post! 

P.S. Check back next week for an awesome giveaway!  Im so excited to share what is going on here at honey bee buzz!

Mr. Potato Head

Isnt this potato head adorable? Ashley from Make it and Love it give us this aweseome Felt Mr. Potato Head Tutorial.   Go check it out!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mommy Advice - Lunch

Sometimes as mothers (and fathers) we like to dish out all kinds of advice on new parents. For the most part, we have good intentions and want others to learn from experience. But being a first time mommy can be nice just to ask for advice and not always be berated with it.  So, here I am asking for some advice.  This gives you the opportunity to lay it on me. Please be nice.  Feel free to comment your two cents and wonderful ideas.

Currently, my husband is unemployed and going to school.  He is the SAHD :)  and takes care of Jesse while Im at work.  Now that Jesse is 1, he is nursing less and not interested in baby food (even those chunky stage 3 things)...  Chuck is asking me what he should be feeding him during the day.  Yesterday Jesse had a banana and some chicken noodle soup for lunch.  This morning before running out the door I told Chuck where the homemade jam was so that he could see if Jesse would like to try a PBJ. 

We have the 12 month doctor appointment on thursday so Im going to bring this up to his pediatrician this week, but I would like more ideas on great lunch ideas (and preferably easy because my husband probably wont prepare an extravagant meal).  Jesse has great snacks and breakfast and is chugging down the whole milk. He also eats whatever we are having for dinner which gives him a well-balanced meal. But lunch still evades us.  So, besides PBJ's... any great ideas?!?

Thanks for all your help!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Birth Partys are so Fun!

Jesse had a wonderful first birthday!  There was a lot of things to do.  I dont have pictures of everything, but I do have some!  Here is the banner I made.

 My husband making the "Dodger" dogs

Playing some of the games. 

Jesse doesn't like to touch frosting...  This is the baseball cake I made

Opening Presents

After the party

I didn't get any pictures, but I made Jesse a growth chart. It was my first spray paint project (I used wood) and I think it turned out cute.  I still have to put a protective coat on it.  I also made a tie from a dollar store tie.  I think Im going to wait to give him that for Christmas. :D

Have a wonderful day!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Fab Friday Newz

Here is my Fab Friday Newz.  I have been super busy. I just want to update you with a little that I have been working on.   Jesse is getting a lot of homemade stuff this birthday.

I found two great tutorials for bibs.  The Naptime Journal Tutorial was easier for me to complete because I have used bias tape before.  The bib on the left I made from the Creative Everyday Tutorial which was harder for me but still really cute!  I think this one will be practice makes perfect.   

I also wanted to make some pajama bottoms. My mother in law had some already cut out and sewn together, all I had to do was hem the top and bottom and insert the elastic.   My baby is a big boy when he wears these!!!

Have a fabulous friday and dont forget to check out Fab Friday Newz and sign Mr. Linky

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Nap Time Crafts- Ornament

Isn't this the CUTEST ornament you have ever seen?  Check out Nap Time Craft's Santa's Belly Ornaments Tutorial.  I have fallen in love with this and need to go buy some sqaure ornaments!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Birthday Goodie Bag Preview

Here is one of the projects that I have been busy working on for Jesse's Goodie Bags.  I saw something similar while out with my sister and bought one so that I could duplicate it, just with the baseball theme.

First, buy foam in the color that you need.  The sample I bought and got the idea from was a turkey with many foam colors.  For the baseball, I cut out a 3 1/4 circle in white foam, and a matching circle in medium weight vinyl.  Then I used Slick Paint to draw on the red threading.

Once you have your shape and slick paint and vinyl complete, you will need to cut circles all the way around.  *Make sure that you cut through the foam and the vinyl at the same time so that you can match up your holes in the next step*   The picture below is the first one that I did, and believe me, you will NOT need this many holes or that close together.

Cutting the holes is great if you have a mother in law who has one of these and lets you borrow it for this special project: 

 Take a coordinating or a contrasting yarn and put tape around the edges to make it easy to thread through your holes (just like elementary school).  Start to thread the two circles together.

Sew the two pieces almost all the way around and leave a hole big enough to insert your goodies.

Stuff with candy and then continue to thread till the yarn meet the beginning where you started threading.

Tie off the yarn on the vinyl side.

This is the completed front:


 This is the completed back:


What a cute way to add a little bit of candy to the goodie bags! Hope you enjoyed the tutorial!

My First Haircut

Sorry the picture quality is bad. I compressed it a little too small and then, well, I didn't save as... so now it's ity bity. But, its okay because I have the originals saved on my computer at home.

This is my little one on his first birthday.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Jesse

It is my son's first birthday. Sorry I have been gone and I will be busy until Sunday! I will post pictures of how the part turns out. I hope everyone has a fabulous week!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Tip Junkie's Trade Secret Swap

I participate in Tip Junkie's Trade Secret Swap and was very impressed.

 This is what my partner sent to me! It was so much fun to open up my package and see all of the presents that I received! Definitely some good secrets here!  Butter Vanilla, Bookmark making tools, scrapbooking secrets (cant tell you everything!), a mod podged clipboard, a grocery pad (SO CUTE!) just to name a few.

This is what I sent to her.  Some of the things I sent were a homemade notepad, wall vinyl, Santa's Underwear craft (I'll post about this one in a little bit), a bone folder, some Avon lotion and earrings, and a covered compact.  Some of the things I sent her I am going to be posting about soon so just keeping you anticipating I will just let you gaze at the picture and wonder. :)

Baby Food Jars revealed - Pin Cushion Jars

Isn't this little Pin Cushion Jar just so adorable!  I don't have a pin cushion so I thought of this great idea.  The best part is you can store anything in that little jar-- bobbins, pins, ribbons, thread, needles, etc.

So, here is an awesome tutorial to show you how you can make one of these bad boys your self! Just make sure to read the whole way through before starting.

This is what I did. I cut out a piece of fabric with a large cup and then started to make my pin cushion top. ONLY then, did I realize that my circle was too small! Trial and error.

This little bad boy was too small ;(

Once I decided that I need a bigger circle, I grabbed a round tupperware container (you could use a bowl), turned it upside down, traced and cut out my circle.

(I guess the first step would be to clean off my working table.  I was making some coasters at the same time).

I decided to use some embroidery floss for this step. I think that thread would work just as well.  The color doesn't matter because it won't show.  Start by threading the floss in and out all the way around the circle.

Stuff the circle with batting and then tie a knot.  Once you have the pin cushion nice and filled, you are going to hot glue it onto the lid.  Put a circle of glue around the opening where you stuffed the batting and the glue it down to the lid.

Once it was on the lid, I put another circle of glue down closer to the outer edge but still on the top of the lid. Just to make sure that the pin cushion was secured.

Find a coordinating ribbon to your fabric glue it to the rim of the lid and secure it with glue the entire way around the lid.  After you come back to the beginning and have it overlapped a little bit, you will need to cover up your ribbon end.  Do this with a button.

This is what your buttoned ribboned pin cushioned jar top should look like.   After it dries, attach it to your jar and admire your hard work (all 15-20 minutes of it!)

Enjoy making your very own Pin Cushion Jar!