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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Adventures with a Bento Box

(I have been having major troubles loading pictures into blogger lately. I double checked to see if the train was right in the picture, but it came out vertical.  Sorry.  Trying to work on that.)

My son is almost two and while I go to work, my mother in law watches him.  His nap time is during lunch and so it has sometimes been hard for her to get him to sit down and eat lunch. I thought it might be nice if I made some lunches from mom for him to have during the day.  I have read recently about Bento Box Lunches and have decided to give them a try.

My first step was to buy a cute little box and some accessories. I bought some things at Wal-Mart, Joanns, and the Dollar Store. But I found the bento box  at the Disney Store. It was $5.50 and a great size for him.  He had spaghetti for dinner and so he is having leftovers. I cut out cheese with a train cookie cutter.

For the second layer of his bento box, I made a small sandwich with sourdough bread and a slice of dry salami.  I used little silicone cups to separate the train sandwich and the gold fish from his dried fruit (he loves fruit).  

I also told Hope (my awesome mother in law) its okay if he eats his regular snacks (string cheese, apples, etc). We'll see how much he eats.

Here is everything packed up in his new "mouse" lunch box:

Now I need to just start packing my own lunches like this so that I eat better at work. :D  

Monday, September 27, 2010

Preview - A quilt for my Mom

Here it is, quilt top almost finished.  Gonna add a border all around, then I think it will be all done.  I have a pinwheel addiction atm, can you tell?? :D

The middle blocks are called Double Spinwheels.  Go visit Marcia at quilters cache! She has a great collection of blocks.  I think that I picked the perfect block to go with my pinwheels!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Birthday Present

My husband's aunt lives a couple of states away, so with her birthday coming up I wanted to send her something that wouldn't cost a lot to ship, but that she would enjoy. and use.

I first decided on fabric.  She is a very talented singer and so I decided on a simple musical notes fabric.  Then I went ahead and made some hot pads. The hot pads were similar to the ones Ive made previously from The Idea Room's pattern. I tried square ones this time.  I like the size, but the bias tape didn't come out perfectly. Corners are difficult. :)

I also made a simple card.  The card is brown, not purple.  

Her birthday is on saturday so Im hoping it gets there on time. 

Happy Birthday

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My son's new Bow Tie

I sometimes star things in my google reader and then forget about them. Occasionally I think "I have a million projects I want to try, but no time or money."  I was looking through my starred items when I came across the bow tie tutorial from Scraps and Strings.  It looked fairly simple enough and I didn't need a lot of fabric. I bought a fat quarter on my trip to Wal-Mart Saturday night. Sunday morning I cut and started sewing.  Things never go according to plan, so I finished the tie by hand sewing the last few steps during the announcements in Sacrament Meeting. (Bad Melissa I know!).  Although I don't know which is worse. Sewing during church, or taking a picture with a camera phone so that I can blog about it!


Scraps N' Strings

for an awesome blog on my list. Thanks Ruth for an easy to follow tutorial!  

Okay, Go check them out! 


Friday, September 10, 2010

The Stitchery Reveal

Here is my finished stitchery that I have made into a pillow. The pattern is from Twin Stitchers.
It is for my mother in law.  It is all her grand-kids on a swing set. Recently she lined up all the California grand kids on the swing set out front and took some pictures. I thought it would be really nice if I could go ahead and make it into a pillow for her.  It was my first pillow and I think next time I will use a pillow form instead of pillow batting... I felt it was a bit too lumpy for my liking.  But its just for decorations so I guess its okay.

Also,  I need to learn how to hand blind stitch.  Really need to learn. Oy vey.

Helicopters and Stiticheries

My son is almost two and he is such a fun guy.  He is really into Airplanes and Helicopters so my husband and I took him to a Helicopter Air show a little while ago.  He really enjoyed himself but was too "scared" to go onto a helicopter.  Hopefully he will get over that fear soon. :D 

One of the best parts about the airs how was how close you could get to all of the helicopters. They had a lot out on display and the ones that were flying overhead would land in the back part of the field we were in and it was amazing.  The wind you can feel off a helicopter as it lands is pretty crazy. Something I hadnt experienced before.

Also-- to keep you updated. I am working on some Stitcheries right now, but that are top secret (presents) until I am finished with them, so stay tuned for when that happens.


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Friday, September 3, 2010

First Quilted Quilt!

Wow, that title is a little tongue twister huh! But its true! I quilted my first quilt!!!  My MIL and I were shopping a couple weeks ago, and she found this paneled fabric she loved.  So, we got some, and found backing and binding she loved also. She didn't even ask me to sew together the quilt top, just wanted it quilted together! Easy!

All in all, it took about 2 hours to machine quilt it, I tried to make it look like the dragon flies and butterflies loop de looped over the top.  Chose the darker green thread so that the quilting would be noticeable, since it wasn't pieced together.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

August BOM

AH! I'm so slow my poor readers! It's been done for a bit, but had issues with my camera - I misplaced my cable.  All is fine now! It's been found!

Here's my BOM for August.  Just in time for me to go pick up Septembers :P