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Monday, May 31, 2010

Where has Melissa been?

It's been a while since I posted. Ive been a bit busy. I made 23 of these shirts:

And went camping. Tired. Going to nap. mmmm. Nap.

Me and the little one after a short hike.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Memory Foam Pillowcase

So, my MIL bought herself a contoured memory foam pillow.  It's very odd shaped, so normal pillowcases don't fit in it.  So, I engineered a quick pillowcase to fit it for her to take on vacation this weekend.  It's my very first pillowcase, but I think it turned out pretty cute!  Here's some pictures!

A Closer Look at the Trimmed Edge

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cute Beach Towel Idea!

Check out this cute idea for your beach chair over at PrincessThisisMe!  It even has a pocket for you to put your "beach goodies", or your goodies for reading outside while your kids run around in the grass!  What a great idea!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lookie! I made a camera case and makeup bag!!

My mother in law hasn't had a camera case for her new camera since she bought it.  So, I saw this ADORABLE cat fabric (she's a cat lover), and decided to whip one up!  I read a tutorial over at SewMamaSew, and modified it the other direction.

Then, for her makeup bag, I read a couple of tutorials online, and picked and chose what style I liked for the material I had on hand and the zipper size. 

So - here they are!  It was my first zipper, btw kiddos! I was so proud of myself! I mastered the zipper foot! :D


Friday, May 21, 2010

Child Suspenders Tutorial

So, my dear readers, I am finally posting my how to on making suspenders.  I hope that it makes sense.  If you have questions, feel free to email and I will answer!  And, if things are unclear, let me know, and I will try and take better pictures or explain my process more!!

This is how I make "Y" suspenders for my son.

3 suspender clasps
3/4 or 1 inch elastic
Fat Eighth of Fabric

First, you need to measure how long you need them to be.  To measure for "X" suspenders (and how I measured at first) was from the left back pant line, across to the right front pant line.  So, that will be your measurement for each side.

When making "Y" suspenders, you have a piece of elastic on the back bottom that meets the pieces of fabric. I do it this way, so as he grows, instead of making whole new set of suspenders, I can take out the stitches connecting the elastic, and add a longer piece of elastic.

So, once you have measurements for the length of the suspenders, measure from the middle of the back to the  top of the pants line, and subtract that from the length of fabric needed. ( You can also measure from their back across their shoulders to the front pant line.  Whichever is easier for you and having your child hold still.)

So, for me, I needed 12 inches for each suspender length.  Then I add 2 inches, so I can have extra length to attach the clasps in the front, and elastic in the back.  The length of elastic I needed is 3 inches, and then add 2 inches again, for the clasp on the elastic and connecting to the fabric.

When you cut, you want 2 strips of fabric for the suspenders 2 1/2 inches wide x length ( so 2 1/2 x 14 for me).  I had 3/4 inch elastic on hand, otherwise you can use 1 inch.

You will also need to cut a coordinating piece of fabric to use to cover the stitches connecting your fabric and elastic, 2x2.  I either use the same fabric as the suspenders, or black, since I use black elastic.
All my pieces cut and ready.

To start, fold your fabric strips right sides together, and sew a 1/4 inch seam on the wrong side.

After sewing both pieces of fabric, turn them.

After turning, iron the fabric with seams in back like so:
On left side - front of suspender.  On right side, back of suspender with seam down the middle.

Next you need your suspender clasps.  Put the fabric thru the clasp, and fold over.  Sew your fabric to hold the clasp.

Do the same for the other suspender and the elastic.
I folded and sewed it over 1/2 inch.
Now you will have your clasps all attached.  The next step is to sew your two fabric pieces together.  Piece them one on top of the other at an angle like so:
Sew at an angle, like you do when making bias tape binding.
Now that you have those sewn, you need to sew the elastic to the bottom.

Take your 2x2 coordinating piece, fold your edges for a clean look, wrap around your stitches connecting all your pieces, and sew on.

Finished suspenders.

Another finished picture.  (I should have used black thread for the elastic, I know.)

My little man modeling his suspenders.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Guest Post: Jens Scrap booking Tips

We'd like to introduce you to our wonderful cousin and new mother Jennifer!  She is into scrap booking, and is going to share some quick tips with us!  Enjoy her tips and tricks and pictures!

Last night I was talking to a group of ladies and the conversation turned to scrapbooking. Most of them were apalled by the word... LOL. As we furthered our conversation they told how they just couldn't find the time, couldn't afford the little accessories, or just didn't have the patience to do it. I had to share my little secret with them! I cheat! I do "photo album scrapbooking!" Yep! I use a photo album!
First I find a really cute photo album... I like when I can find a pair for $5, usually at walmart, and occasionally at Michaels.
Then I pull out my boxes and boxes of pictures (ugh!) and organize them however I want them in the album. I like doing the pictures in order of date, but you can do how ever you want.
Then I pull out the little things that I had saved from that event... I save EVERYTHING! Tickets, brochures, wrappers (as long as its still sanitary, of course), etc. It's the cheapest way to decorate your page or picture!! Vellum is also one of my favorite things to use! Another inexpensive decorative thing to use is vellum! You can make so much out of vellum. One of my scrapbooks I cut it into ghosts! I love it!
Then I start putting the pictures into the photo album. The key is to not put a picture into every slot so you can add your little accessories there! I like to lay all the pictures out first and decide where and how I am going to place them. I don't like having to move pictures around after I already have most of them in.
Then you add your decor! Here are a few of mine. I didn't get too fancy smancy with this album (my first one) because it was a gift to my husband (we were only dating at the time, and he went to the peace officer academy for 4 months in Sacramento) and I knew that he didnt want something girlie to show off to his fellow cadets! Sweet and Simple it is! (I dont glue the things into the album, the album sleeves are pretty tight so they really jus stay in themselves. I do tape or use a glue stick to glue little pieces together just so they stay the way that I want them to.)

I love this little sign things! Add a piece of string and you are good to go! If you don't like your handwriting, just print up on another color of paper and glue it to the sign.... perfect!

This was cut from a box that I just couldn't bare to throw away! I added some vellum, with a handwritten quote, to the from and there you go!

Here are also some pictures of my actual scrapbooking. I refer to myself as a messy scrapbooker. I look at other's work and think it's so much more cleaner than mine is... but I like getting more than one or two pictures on the page! Plus I LOVE stickers and like I said before I like to save little things that I can later use on the page. Saving money & time is one of my favorite things to do!

Here is the full version of the Halloween page from the photo album. More vellum ghosts! I love those things and they are so easy to cut out!

(this page is a little old and falling apart... I need to fix the word "knotts")

I LOVE this page! The ornanments and present that are on the right side were part of a Christmas card that I pulled apart!

Here is some of my "beginning" work. This is a normal 8 x 10 peice of paper that I shoved as many pictures on as I could. I love BUSY pages! For the pictures I just used my fancy scissors!

Another little trick that I like to use... black paper and a white gel pen! I love it! It's especially great if you are doing a school page - you could get creative and make a little chalk board!

I just LOVE my cricut! :) My latest creation!

I hope you can get some inspiration from my own creations! (Love you Tiffany & Melissa!)

What great little tips!  Hope you guys put them to great use, and share with us!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hanging Tomato Plant

I'm sure if you have ever seen an infomercial or been to CVS, you have seen the hanging tomato plant growers.  Now you can make your own!  Here are some of the supplies you will need:

You will need a bucket, some soil, and a mom to model the tomato plant.
Oh wait, you dont need a kid or dog to make this! But they are cute playing in the backyard together.

Start by cutting out a hole in the bottom of your bucket.  You can do this yourself, get your husband to do it, or like I did-- Get your Dad to do it!

Make sure your hole is big enough for your plant to squeeze in to, but that it wont fall out.

Cut an X (where the hole is) in the double layer of newspaper that you are putting down.

Squeeze the plant into the hole like so.

Once the plant is in place, you will need to start adding soil.  Add a little bit to hold the plant in place.

At this point, you will just have  a little bit of soil so your plant wont fall out.  Loosen up the roots of the plant just as if you were to plant it into the ground

Continue to add more soil till the bucket is almost full. You will need someone to hold the bucket and the plant in place, while someone else fills it with the soil. 

Water your plant!

Hang your plant and make sure that it wont fall! You will now have a hanging tomato plant that will grow nice tomatoes.