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Friday, September 10, 2010

Helicopters and Stiticheries

My son is almost two and he is such a fun guy.  He is really into Airplanes and Helicopters so my husband and I took him to a Helicopter Air show a little while ago.  He really enjoyed himself but was too "scared" to go onto a helicopter.  Hopefully he will get over that fear soon. :D 

One of the best parts about the airs how was how close you could get to all of the helicopters. They had a lot out on display and the ones that were flying overhead would land in the back part of the field we were in and it was amazing.  The wind you can feel off a helicopter as it lands is pretty crazy. Something I hadnt experienced before.

Also-- to keep you updated. I am working on some Stitcheries right now, but that are top secret (presents) until I am finished with them, so stay tuned for when that happens.



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