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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Blogging Friends

Sometimes you meet someone online, start to read their blog, and really feel like you start to get to know them too.  Sometimes you read a blog and wish you could meet someone IRL because they are super cool.  I want to introduce you to Heidi from Craft Monkey. She, my friends, is super cool. I'm serious.

I recently had a question about Tupperware. I remembered that she had a link on her website to her store. She was super helpful and answered all my questions and even sent me a sample.  Can you believe that? So great!  You should all check out her website and her Tupperware store!

Tupperware always reminds me of growing up. Who didn't have Tupperware in their house growing up? But now, they have a whole lot more! 

Seriously neat products out! I love it. Go check out some of the new things.  Here is a deal for you: for everyone that purchases anything from Heidi's Tupperware site from now until the end of November, email me and I will send you a small homemade gift made by myself. I will just double check with Heidi first that your order has gone through and then I will send off your little surprise.  No better thing that tupperware and a free gift right? Go check it out!

Now, back to 

She has Sugar Free Sundays with great recipes

Cute Holiday Crafts:

Crafting with our Kids ideas too!

She has a lot of cute ideas, so go check out my friend Heidi!

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  1. Awww! That is the nicest post ever! Thanks so much for sharing my site! I'll double that offer you made, if one of your readers makes a purchase from my site, I'll send them a free Tupperware goody too!


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