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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Do you have any secrets to share?

Do you possibly live in a small space, and make the most of it?
Do you have a small room (most commonly the kitchen), and still manage to live well?
Do you live with someone else (roommates, in laws, parents) - and get along?
Do you have a small family in a little apartment and no where to store the kids clothes (let alone any crafting supplies or fabric?!)
Do you live in a townhome or garage and have a unique idea of where to store your holiday decorations and storage?

If so - we might be in similar boats!

Would you like to share your story with us? Tell us how you stay organized?

We are planning on a two week little "blog party" sharing our tips and tricks, and featuring you and your tips, tricks, and survival/coping mechanisms.


  1. My boyfriend and I live in a 700ish square foot duplex. It's a single story and there are only 2 closets in the entire house. One of which has the hot water heater in it. If it were just my boyfriend and I it wouldn't feel so cramped but we have a 2 year old. (We didn't move in together until he was almost born.) So there's lots of stuff in this place. My craft "room" is basically the kitchen on the small dinette. When I'm not using my sewing machine it goes in its carrier and stored on the bottom of the bakers rack. All of my craft stuff is in two bins in my bedroom. They are all placed in their own bags, so only one project comes out at a time. Right now, that's my niece's afghan that I'm making her for Christmas. This way, there's more room, plus I don't have thousands of half finished things laying around. (can't start one until the first is done.) I also have a wee bag that has fat quarters in it, that I'm slowly but surely cutting up so I can sew (by hand) my son's Christmas themed lap blanket. But under bed space, closet organizers, and command hooks are amazing!

  2. We have a small apartment and I've learned that I really don't need the things that I think I can always live without them.

    I also try to utilize all space...which includes under beds. If you buy these plastic risers, your bed can be elevated enough off the floor and it opens up a great storage space. =)


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