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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Baby Food Jars revealed - Pin Cushion Jars

Isn't this little Pin Cushion Jar just so adorable!  I don't have a pin cushion so I thought of this great idea.  The best part is you can store anything in that little jar-- bobbins, pins, ribbons, thread, needles, etc.

So, here is an awesome tutorial to show you how you can make one of these bad boys your self! Just make sure to read the whole way through before starting.

This is what I did. I cut out a piece of fabric with a large cup and then started to make my pin cushion top. ONLY then, did I realize that my circle was too small! Trial and error.

This little bad boy was too small ;(

Once I decided that I need a bigger circle, I grabbed a round tupperware container (you could use a bowl), turned it upside down, traced and cut out my circle.

(I guess the first step would be to clean off my working table.  I was making some coasters at the same time).

I decided to use some embroidery floss for this step. I think that thread would work just as well.  The color doesn't matter because it won't show.  Start by threading the floss in and out all the way around the circle.

Stuff the circle with batting and then tie a knot.  Once you have the pin cushion nice and filled, you are going to hot glue it onto the lid.  Put a circle of glue around the opening where you stuffed the batting and the glue it down to the lid.

Once it was on the lid, I put another circle of glue down closer to the outer edge but still on the top of the lid. Just to make sure that the pin cushion was secured.

Find a coordinating ribbon to your fabric glue it to the rim of the lid and secure it with glue the entire way around the lid.  After you come back to the beginning and have it overlapped a little bit, you will need to cover up your ribbon end.  Do this with a button.

This is what your buttoned ribboned pin cushioned jar top should look like.   After it dries, attach it to your jar and admire your hard work (all 15-20 minutes of it!)

Enjoy making your very own Pin Cushion Jar!


  1. Cool! I like the fact that it serves a dual purpose!

  2. Cute! Now I see why you need more jars! I have 2 tall ones! I might try this, since I store my pins in...yes, those plastic ugly hard to open containers you buy them in :x

  3. How did I miss this post? It's tooo cute. I love it!


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