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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Birthday Goodie Bag Preview

Here is one of the projects that I have been busy working on for Jesse's Goodie Bags.  I saw something similar while out with my sister and bought one so that I could duplicate it, just with the baseball theme.

First, buy foam in the color that you need.  The sample I bought and got the idea from was a turkey with many foam colors.  For the baseball, I cut out a 3 1/4 circle in white foam, and a matching circle in medium weight vinyl.  Then I used Slick Paint to draw on the red threading.

Once you have your shape and slick paint and vinyl complete, you will need to cut circles all the way around.  *Make sure that you cut through the foam and the vinyl at the same time so that you can match up your holes in the next step*   The picture below is the first one that I did, and believe me, you will NOT need this many holes or that close together.

Cutting the holes is great if you have a mother in law who has one of these and lets you borrow it for this special project: 

 Take a coordinating or a contrasting yarn and put tape around the edges to make it easy to thread through your holes (just like elementary school).  Start to thread the two circles together.

Sew the two pieces almost all the way around and leave a hole big enough to insert your goodies.

Stuff with candy and then continue to thread till the yarn meet the beginning where you started threading.

Tie off the yarn on the vinyl side.

This is the completed front:


 This is the completed back:


What a cute way to add a little bit of candy to the goodie bags! Hope you enjoyed the tutorial!


  1. EW! I LOVE IT! I'm trying to fiure out what I can use it for A-SAP!
    I just added your button! It's adorable!

  2. So cute! I will be linking this on my blog! Feel free to grab my "I was featured" button if you'd like!


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