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Friday, January 15, 2010

fAb fRiDaY nEwZ

It's time for another round of FFN! That's right! Fab Friday Newz!

To make this even more exciting, and difficult for you to read (insert big cheesy smile here), Melissa's FFN will be underlined, and Tiffany's FFN will be in italics! :D

All the family left the house!
I've started working out in the mornings!
I realized being a clutz is okay. (She really didn't break that much.  She had a bad week! Everyone has those!!!)
I'm going to get a root canal so my teeth won't hurt anymore. YAY!!!
I cleaned out my drawers and threw away all my pre-preggo fat clothes!
My little man is teething! (is that good or bad news? :O) He has also started saying "momma". (which is great until he cries and says it over and over - insert sad face here )

The new dominos pizza recipe is delicious!!!
I'm having a sewing party at the end of the month! Go crafting with buddies!    



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