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Friday, January 22, 2010

fAb fRiDaY nEwZ

Hello internet!
To make this even more exciting, and difficult for you to read (insert big cheesy smile here), Melissa's FFN will be underlined, and Tiffany's FFN will be in italics! :D  Same as last week - we'll see who was paying attention :D

The hubs and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary this past week! Yay!
I only need fillings - NOT a root canal.  YES!!!
My sewing party is tomorrow, and the hubs is taking me fabric shopping tonight :D
My sewing machine is NOT completely dead...just needs a little TLC.
I tried a new cake recipe this week, and it was amazing!!!
We've been getting a lot of rain.  WOOHOO.
I found a new writer I like - and a new series to read from her!
My most happy news, I've been working out all week!  Let's hear it for staying motivated!!!!

Do you have any FFN to share???
Hope you all have a safe and exciting weekend!



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