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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Feature Friday- Castle Crashers Beanie

Have you ever heard of Castle Crashers?  My brother plays this game on Xbox and it has the characters as shown above.  He really likes this fun little game.  Currently, his favorite color is green.  He was looking around on the internet and found this really cute beanie in the style of the castle crasher. Well, he wanted one so he called up a very talented woman, my Grandmother.  My brother emailed a link to my Grandma. Not too long later (I mean, really she probably made it in a day or two and then mailed it out it was that quick) my brother received the following

The top parts are pointy just like the picture, but you just cant tell in the picture above. I was so excited. You mean to tell me she made that just from a photo? Yeah, she is that fantastic. My other brother saw this hat and immediately called my Grandma and asked for an orange one (his favorite color).  I just thought I would share something really cute with you all.  I love my Grandma.

1 comment:

  1. That inspirational beanie wouldn't happen to be this one, would it? ;)

    If so, yay! hehe. If not, still awesome. Either way, nice hat! :D


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