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Monday, February 15, 2010

What Im working on Monday :)

My mom's birthday is coming up soon. I wanted to do something nice for her birthday. Well, I have started by asking her for a picture of her wedding.  I found something on another blog that I thought was cute and wanted to try.  They only problem was that the pictures from my parents wedding are 27 years old, and this particular picture was glue into a lace frame without any glass on it.  So you can see that there are some spots on the picture that need taking care of, as well as the bottom and the top where the glue was.  Well, I have yet to finish my completed project (and I wont reveal it here because my mom reads this!) but here is the begginning of my edits:

The major differences for now are the top and bottom and a couple of black spots on my moms dress.  But I am working on the rest and hoping that mom isnt sad by me spoiling half of the birthday surprise.  Ill pose a picture of the present after Thursday.   Love you mom! :)


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