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Monday, September 14, 2009

Lifetime and Braided Hair

I am very excited! Today I reached Lifetime Membership at Weight Watchers! I had gained 50 pounds while pregnant. Now that my son is 10 months old, I have lost the 50 pounds, plus an additional 8 pounds I wanted to lose pre-baby. I am very excited because it is definitely hard work! To all of you who are working towards the goal of a healthier weight I support you! I am so happy that I had others who supported me. What a help it was!

One thing I love and want to learn is to French Braid Hair. I enjoy asking my mom or mother in law to french braid my hair. If I ever have a little girl, I
have to learn
how to french braid hair! My mother in law braided my hair last night and I enjoyed my braids all day today.


  1. French braiding is a way fun thing to be able to do. :) I want little girls so I can braid their hair. :)

  2. PS I'm Craft Rookie. Thanks for stopping by my blog. :) I added your button on mine.

  3. I love, love French braided hair. I have two girls (7 & 3) and my neighbor knows how to French braid so I plan to make her teach me how.

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog on my Sits Day last week:-)


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