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Monday, September 28, 2009

Well- as life turns out I didn’t get any crafting done.  (Semi-not a big surprise). I did go to a wedding and a mission farewell. And my poor little baby is slightly sick. He has hay fever. Poor thing.  I did get to clean up the bedroom a bit which was helpful to my sanity level. But mostly just hang out with family this weekend which was nice. Oh, Chuck and I started a That 70’s show marathon. That show makes me laugh.


  1. I'm sorry love! I hope that the young one gets better in a jiff! The Neuff

  2. im sorry ur lil one is sick. that's no fun! hope he gets better soon ... for the sake of all of you! <3

  3. Oh and P.S. how did I not see this super cute blog font??????


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