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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Easy Wipe Off Placemats

My family is going to visit my sister Tiffany in October, so I have scheduled this post for then so that she won't know about these beforehand.  I wanted to share you an easy project that my toddler and I put together as a small gift for his cousin and family.  We wanted to make Easy Wipe off Placemats.  This is how they turned out:

We used the Yo Gabba Gabba Characters because that is what my nephew is into.  One character for each family member is on the front. Then "We love you" and Jesse's scribbles on the back with a border. Two sided! They are laminated in Contact Paper so you can just wipe them down and reuse them.

Jesse and I first cut a regular posterboard into 4 equal parts

Then we cut out our printed characters, glued them on, and named them for family members:

Then decide what you want on the reverse side, and if your child is helping, let them have at it:

Crafting in style:

Then cut out a big piece of contact paper that will fit over both sides and apply it (make sure the kids aren't putting bubbles in it if they are helping with this step).  Smooth out and there you go:

Simple but it will make dinner time more fun and remind them that their Cali family Loves them! 


  1. What a great EASY project! I will have to keep this in mind for when Brooke gets older! Thank you for idea and the how to!!! :)

  2. Yes Tiff, I like the new design! Picutres! :D

  3. LOVE this idea! What a great personalized gift!!!


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