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Monday, October 4, 2010

Little Trick or Treat Bags

My lovely lovely sister Melissa and her family are flying out to visit me and mine the end of this month.  I am so so so excited!  I haven't seen my little nephew yet, and he is almost 2!!!  This will be such an awesome visit!

Because it's so close to halloween, we will be doing some family outings for the boys in costume - Jesse will be Buzz Lightyear, and Everett will be Woody.  (We will blog and post photos when the costumes are done.)

So - since the kids will be dressing up, they needed treat bags! Quilts and More magazine - fall 2010 - had the perfect little bags on their cover!  I had the black skull fabric on hand, and ran quick to the store to buy some accenting fabric, and whipped up these two bad boys!
In my hand - so you can see how cute of a size they are!!!
I think I might whip some of these out for Christmas time - secret santas etc.  Can put some cute little gifts in and give as a thank you to someone, to a teacher, or even just a "just because" little gift!


  1. Little adorable bags for Little adorable boys! I'm so glad that I can finally meet my nephew!

  2. Those are the cutest things ever!!! So tiny and the looove that material :D


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