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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Santa's Undies!

I know that is only October, but this would be a great thing to start on for stocking stuffers or to hand out to friends and neighbors!  

Santa's Undies!! 

These cute little things have candies inside!  Here is the saying that goes with them:

We looked for stockings but couldn't find a spare
So we ended stuffing Santa's Underwear.

Cute right? 

I made a Santa's Suit one, as well as a green pair.  Both are really cute.  Here are some more pictures of the front and backs:

My son going in for a grab of lifesaver candies

Chocolate covered raisins

Want to make some of your own?  This is my first attempt at sharing a PDF. Here is the pattern:

Santa Undies

Let's see if that works!

All you do is cut out the front and back and bum flap on felt.  I used a blanket stitch on the two shown, but I have previously hand sewn it just rustic looking. You could also machine sew it.  Make sure to attach the bum flap before you sew the front and back together.   Once you have sewn it, cut out a heart on card stock and write the cute message on it and attach with ribbon or embroidery floss.

Fill with candy and you are finished.

Wouldn't this be cute for kids, nieces, nephew, grandkids, friends, etc!


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