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Monday, December 6, 2010

Is it too late to cancel Christmas?

I feel like such a party pooper! This really is my favorite season - and not just cuz it's an excuse to bake all the time.  I love the giving spirit people are in.  I love Christmas music (been blaring over here since Thanksgiving, poor hubby).  I love the glittery decoration, the twinkly lights, and the smell of a real tree. (Wistful sigh, we have a fake this year.  But we do have a huge tree outside! Decked out with lights.  I'll go sniff that.)

There is one thing this Christmas season I'm scrooging about - gifts.  I thought I'd be that wife/mother/sister/aunt this year that was AMAZING and had everything handmade, wrapped and ready before Christmas.  I guess it doesn't help that I see new and exciting ideas on etsy and through the blogs I read - and want to start on those projects.  Maybe I've just set the bar to high - and I need to be happy with what I've done, and not strive for perfection.  Everyone will love their gifts, even if they're not perfect - cuz Santa just can't do it all.  Here's hoping they love it more for me not being frazzled.

So today I'm starting a campaign...laid back Christmas.  Here's to taking it easy, going with the flow, and enjoying the shine in your children's eyes as they see the wonders of the holidays :)

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