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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Quick Trick Blanket

This weekend my FIL was cuddled up in his recliner under this ratty old fleece blanket:
Can you see that yellow and gold blanket??

This is the fleece we chose

I made curves at the corners - instead of metered binding.

He says its super warm, but it needed to be replaced.  So I got 2 yards of cute fleece, and some matching flannel, and set to make a blanket similar to what he already had.  I didn't layer it - just the one layer of fleece.  The flanel I cut into 2 inch strips, and then had the raw edges meet in half, so that I could use it as a binding and only sew it once.  Now he will have this blanket to open for Christmas.  This was my first attempt at a blanket like this - it was weird for me to do blanket this way....I'm very bad at machine binding, so some of my stitches are uneven.  I don't think it's very noticeable unless you take a closeup picture...I hope he loves it!


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