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Monday, December 20, 2010

Making Marshmallowy Memories with Mommy

I've seen the chocolate covered marshmallow pops all over blog land.  I decided this would be something that Jesse could really help with.  We had tons of fun (decided to skip the sticks) and he made a whole bag choosing what kinds of toppings (sprinkles, green sugar crystals, crushed trix, or crushed cinnamon cookies). 

Setting up the Sprinkles

Getting a mouthful.  He is wearing his cousin's apron because his apron is wrapped and under the tree.

The chocolate was really warm so I would dip it and let it cool for a couple of seconds before letting him pick what to dip it in. 

We both like chocolate. :D

We had lots of fun.  I cant believe how much he was enjoying it (he is only two), and how much he wanted to do on his own.  We got through almost the whole bag before he was done dipping and just eating the sprinkles again.

Hope you have fun making memories with your kids this Holiday Season! Merry Christmas! 

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  1. How cute...they look like they enjoyed eating the memories too! =)


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