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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dryer Sheet Giveaway!!!!

Another laundry themed giveaway.  Three homemade dryer sheets!  Made from flannel, there are two squares and one rectangle.  The fabric is bright and distinctive, making it easier for you to find it and sort it from your clothes.  Also included with these sheets is a spray bottle half full of fabric softener.  Simply add water, spray on your dryer sheets, and use!

I use these, and I love them.  I wash them every so often, so they don't cake on softener.  It's a great alternative to buying dryer sheets you have to throw away!

To enter:
1. Leave a comment that you are a follower of our blog for one entry.
2. Blog about this post, or tweet of FB about it, and leave a comment and link, for one entry.
3. Leave a comment on any of the other of this weeks laundry posts for additional entries
4. Leave a laundry tip comment for others to read, and that counts as another entry!
*Giveaway will close Monday 12pm PST.  The winner will be randomly chosen from, and announced Tuesday morning.*
Good luck to everyone!  It's been great so far to read all your tips and tricks!!!


  1. Yay! I entered the first! This is an awesome giveaway!

  2. I follow you!!! Thanks for doing laundry week. I'm going to try making some soap.

  3. I am iz a follower!
    That material for those sheets is amazing! I want a shirt made out of it. It's like a Hawaiian Pirate shirt!

  4. I FB'ed this. I wish I knew more about laundry then I might have some tips.

    Although this might count: When clothes are wrinkly in the dryer b/c I let them sit for too long after drying, I throw a wet washcloth into the load, run it again for about 20 minutes, and it helps release some of the wrinkles.
    It's a tip right? ;)

  5. I am already a follower, of course! Wouldn't miss any of your ideas for nothin!!

  6. I Facebooked this, here is the link
    But that is the link to my facebook page but your post is there, i promise! I also blogged about it!!

    {this is a long link.. but it will take you to the post!}

    can you tell im excited about this giveaway??

  7. I use this recipe to make my own laundry soap { i was a TON of laundry, so I save better making my own!

    Here is a link to the Recipe..

    Give it a try and let me know how you like it!

  8. I am a follower. Thanks for the great ideas. I am going to make these if I do not win them.

  9. I want to win these!! and THANKS for the tutorial;)


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