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Sunday, April 11, 2010


My poor little mans pants are always falling down.  (That or, I'll admit, he pulls them off!!)  So..I whipped these up this weekend!  They were super quick and super easy!  It's a Y in the back, so there is only elastic in the bottom of the Y, and the two strips of fabric are simply sewn in half and turned.  The snaps were super easy to sew on also!  I have more clips so I'll whip up another 2 sets, so he has suspenders for every occasion! :D  I know, they are tradionally geeky, but I think he looks ADORABLE in em!

- A back shot, of the "Y", and my wiggly son!


  1. These are just so cute! Do you happen to have a tutorial? I have a niece that has the pants falling off problem!

  2. look for a tutorial later this week! :D


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