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Monday, April 26, 2010

Stains? GIVEAWAY with Stain be Gone - CLOSED

Have you ever been busy, not separated the laundry, and then realize that your new red shirt just turned everything a slight pink color?  Two lucky readers will be able to combat dye stains with Stain Be Gone.  This little sheets get tossed into the washer with your new red shirt, and grabs the red dye that floats around trying to attach itself to your very adorable white jeans.

How to Enter the Giveaway:
1. Leave a comment on this post with a Laundry Tip, secret, or simplifying technique
2. Follow HoneyBeeBzz and let us know you do
3. Spread the word about Laundry Week: Facebook, Blog, and/or Twitter about it and let us know

Each thing you do can count for one entry.  Leave a separate comment for each thing you do. (one entry for tweeting, one for blogging, etc.) 

This giveaway will be closing on Friday April 30th at Midnight so be sure to enter! 


  1. For a tough greasy stain, treat with orange glo, the hand cleaner, then wash. Works great and gets most stains out!

  2. I Facebook posted your website, Tiffany knows my Facebook. :)

  3. a stains give away sound great to me I sometime end up with blue socks when they should be cream the little beggers must hide some how I always try to watch out for mixing loads I have heard of soap nuts not tried these yet but maybe in the near future. I have made some dry cleaner but I haven't got around to making more yet gosh I sound so lazy sorry to blag on take care Nicole x

  4. Laundry tip- invest in a hamper so that you don't double wash clean clothes (or forget to wash dirty ones). You'll never have to wonder if its dirty or clean again... no more "smell" tests.

  5. Invest in a good iron and ironing board, and leave them set up next to the washer/dryer. In a mixed dryer load, it saves time to remove some items slightly damp and let them dry smoothly on the ironing board while those items needing more heat dry on-and-on. Then, you don't have to plug in that good iron!

  6. In our house, everyone has their own laundry bag, hamper, etc. Hopefully, I should be able to go to each bedroom and all the laundry will already be together and I just have to dump it in the main hamper. This certainly helps so I won't be having to pick up son's dirty socks and underwear.


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