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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Homemade Laundry Soap part 2

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Here is another "recipe" for homemade laundry soap. It is easy to make and SUPER cost effective.  Just like the powdered, you will need to buy a laundry soap bar. My local walmart has Zote. My local Food 4 less has Zote and another.  My 99 cent store has 5 or 6 diferent scents. I bought another one from here and I will make a different "flavor" next time.

The items you will need:
Borax: $2.99 at Wal-Mart
Zote: $.99 at Wal-Mart
Super WASHING Soda: $3.50 at Ace Hardware (call around to your local grocery store, ace hardware, or walmart to see who has this BEFORE you go searching. There isnt always a market for it).

Grate the laundry soap.  You could also throw it in your food processor.
Put 5 cups of hot water onto a pot on the stove. Add your grated soap
Melt all of the soap and keep stirring it.

Grab a bucket. I used my old Laundry bucket
Add 3 gallons of HOT tap water. I used an old milk jug to get easy measurements.

Add 1 cup washing soda and 3/4 cups borax to the hot water and stir.  All of the recipes out there have had different amounts of washing soda and borax to water ratio. Find what works for your and your loads!

Mix in the melted laundry bar and water from the stove.  I added maye 3 or 4 cups of water afterwards and I had a full bucket.  Let sit overnight. It will be goopy, kind of thick:

I have my old measuring scoop from the bucket and throw in two of the 4 oz measuring scoops. I like the way that my laundry feels and smells now. The clothes get clean and its great.  Let Tiffany or I know if you have any questions about making your own soap!

1 comment:

  1. You two are so amazing making your own laundry soaps. I think hate doing laundry so much that I can't even muster up the creativity to do something this cool.
    You get bonus points for your soap being pink!


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