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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hanging Tomato Plant

I'm sure if you have ever seen an infomercial or been to CVS, you have seen the hanging tomato plant growers.  Now you can make your own!  Here are some of the supplies you will need:

You will need a bucket, some soil, and a mom to model the tomato plant.
Oh wait, you dont need a kid or dog to make this! But they are cute playing in the backyard together.

Start by cutting out a hole in the bottom of your bucket.  You can do this yourself, get your husband to do it, or like I did-- Get your Dad to do it!

Make sure your hole is big enough for your plant to squeeze in to, but that it wont fall out.

Cut an X (where the hole is) in the double layer of newspaper that you are putting down.

Squeeze the plant into the hole like so.

Once the plant is in place, you will need to start adding soil.  Add a little bit to hold the plant in place.

At this point, you will just have  a little bit of soil so your plant wont fall out.  Loosen up the roots of the plant just as if you were to plant it into the ground

Continue to add more soil till the bucket is almost full. You will need someone to hold the bucket and the plant in place, while someone else fills it with the soil. 

Water your plant!

Hang your plant and make sure that it wont fall! You will now have a hanging tomato plant that will grow nice tomatoes.

1 comment:

  1. I love that you got Dad and Mom to help you! It's super cool!!!
    Was that a bucket for laundry soap? I have a big bucket, but no handle. Hmmm.


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