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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Guest Post : Rebecca's Crocheting Endeavors!

**Today my friend Rebecca is Guest Posting for us!  She recently took up crocheting, and I managed to bribe her into making me a phone case!  So happy to have her here, hope you enjoy and are inspired!!**

First I want to thank Tiffany and Missy for letting me guest blog about my crocheting endeavors! Also, a special thanks to Tif for encouraging me to crochet even when my hats came out big enough to cover the head of a small elephant, or the scarves I considered doubling as rope to rappel out of a burning building; even then she told me how fast I was picking up the art of crocheting (I still think she was just being nice!).
To give you a little back story: when I was young my mom taught me the simple single crochet stitch, I played around with it for a few years, then discovered boys, or AOL online; long story short, (told you it was a little back story) it had been at least 10 years since I picked up a crochet hook, then a friend at work started crocheting projects of scarves and blankets. She would bring in her work and show me how far she had gotten or tell me about the difficulties she was having, at the same time I was growing bored of being on the internet all the time. As a computer nerd it was a HUGE change in life style and I could not figure out what to do with my time.
In February of 2010 my husband and I visited my parents in Tennessee where I casually mentioned to my mom that I wanted to take up crocheting. My mom, being the awesome women she is, gave me a hook, some yarn, and let me go to town; I crocheted the simple stitch over and over and over again, on the couch while talking to my parents, in the car on the way to the airport, on the plane…it drove my husband nuts. When I came home I started looking up videos on about different stitches. For some insane reason I started with a hat then another hat, I became bored and made a few scarves, which came out pretty good. Yet again I became bored! I lamented this to Tiffany who told me to make a phone case and showed me this pattern: Thanks to Google I found two wonderful videos on how to create a Tunisian Knit stitch: Video One, Video Two.
I had never used a pattern before to create something and I had never in my life heard of a Tunisian knit stitch.  I followed the exact pattern until I became frustrated and started adding my own twists.
See below for my version of the hoodie phone case.

Start of the Tunisian Stitch

Once I got the hang of making the Tunisian Knit stitch the front of the case was finished quickly.
The outside of the stitch; notice the long rows the stitch makes.
While creating this hoodie many people asked if I was knitting it!

Inside the Tunisian Stitch.
One of the more difficult parts of making this hoodie pouch was the pocket in the front. I tried many times to do it how the pattern said, but finally gave up and just attached a small Tusinian stitch to the front. If you put a gun to my head right now and asked me exactly how I did it I couldn’t tell you. I honestly just winged it!

Good old J hook just chillin in the pocket!

With my hoodie I noticed a problem with my camera falling out the open side, so for Tiffany’s hoodie I attached a small Tunisian section.

And looped it around a button I sewed on the back.

Voila, a phone case worthy of a Blackberry, the lump inside is my camera. I had to make sure the button would hold!

**note - I love it! My blackberry fits and my classic Ipod does also! So, depending on what I'm using, one or the other is in, the other in hand!  It's adorable!  Here I am with it!!!**

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