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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Laundry Tips

You still have time to submit your entries into our dryer sheet giveaway here

Here are some Laundry Tips from our readers:

Use Hydrogen Peroxide to pretreat blood stains. It should help to get the blood out from clothes

When clothes are wrinkly in the dryer because I let them sit for too long after drying, I throw a wet washcloth into the load, run it again for about 20 minutes, and it helps release some of the wrinkles.

For a tough greasy stain, treat with orange glo, the hand cleaner, then wash. Works great and gets most stains out!
Here is a great tip from my funny coworker: Laundry tip- invest in a hamper so that you don't double wash clean clothes (or forget to wash dirty ones). You'll never have to wonder if its dirty or clean again... no more "smell" tests.

Invest in a good iron and ironing board, and leave them set up next to the washer/dryer. In a mixed dryer load, it saves time to remove some items slightly damp and let them dry smoothly on the ironing board while those items needing more heat dry on-and-on. Then, you don't have to plug in that good iron!
In our house, everyone has their own laundry bag, hamper, etc. Hopefully, I should be able to go to each bedroom and all the laundry will already be together and I just have to dump it in the main hamper. This certainly helps so I won't be having to pick up son's dirty socks and underwear.

Thanks for the great tips! Here is a tried and true solution that I have used.  Recently, I won two ties from Just Another Day in Paradise.  Letting you know, they are super amazing. They are very professionally made and my son gets tons of comments on them at church.  She is going to have some in her etsy shop soon so make sure to check out her great blog.

Jesse in one of his ties:

Super great right?  Well, the first day he wore this one this is what happened in the first hour

PEN! INK! All over the top of his tie! NOOOOOO!!!

I used a trick that I have used before and will use again for Pen.  Hair Spray! As soon as we got home from church, I sprayed it with hairspray and then hand washed it. I had to do this twice, and then it came out brand new:

You wouldn't believe how excited I was.

Hopefully you can use some of these great Laundry Tips! Have a great day! Enter the dryer sheet giveaway!


  1. Thanks for the shout out. I am so glad that you like them. I will keep you posted on when the etsy shop opens.

    I will also have to keep that laundry tip, my boys have gotten pen on many a'item of clothing.


  2. who knew hairspray could be sooo useful?? It also works wonders with permanent marker!!

    One time Lily drew ALL over my mother in laws computer console with a permanent marker. I sprayed hairspray all over and it wiped right off. Like magic!


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