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Friday, May 21, 2010

Child Suspenders Tutorial

So, my dear readers, I am finally posting my how to on making suspenders.  I hope that it makes sense.  If you have questions, feel free to email and I will answer!  And, if things are unclear, let me know, and I will try and take better pictures or explain my process more!!

This is how I make "Y" suspenders for my son.

3 suspender clasps
3/4 or 1 inch elastic
Fat Eighth of Fabric

First, you need to measure how long you need them to be.  To measure for "X" suspenders (and how I measured at first) was from the left back pant line, across to the right front pant line.  So, that will be your measurement for each side.

When making "Y" suspenders, you have a piece of elastic on the back bottom that meets the pieces of fabric. I do it this way, so as he grows, instead of making whole new set of suspenders, I can take out the stitches connecting the elastic, and add a longer piece of elastic.

So, once you have measurements for the length of the suspenders, measure from the middle of the back to the  top of the pants line, and subtract that from the length of fabric needed. ( You can also measure from their back across their shoulders to the front pant line.  Whichever is easier for you and having your child hold still.)

So, for me, I needed 12 inches for each suspender length.  Then I add 2 inches, so I can have extra length to attach the clasps in the front, and elastic in the back.  The length of elastic I needed is 3 inches, and then add 2 inches again, for the clasp on the elastic and connecting to the fabric.

When you cut, you want 2 strips of fabric for the suspenders 2 1/2 inches wide x length ( so 2 1/2 x 14 for me).  I had 3/4 inch elastic on hand, otherwise you can use 1 inch.

You will also need to cut a coordinating piece of fabric to use to cover the stitches connecting your fabric and elastic, 2x2.  I either use the same fabric as the suspenders, or black, since I use black elastic.
All my pieces cut and ready.

To start, fold your fabric strips right sides together, and sew a 1/4 inch seam on the wrong side.

After sewing both pieces of fabric, turn them.

After turning, iron the fabric with seams in back like so:
On left side - front of suspender.  On right side, back of suspender with seam down the middle.

Next you need your suspender clasps.  Put the fabric thru the clasp, and fold over.  Sew your fabric to hold the clasp.

Do the same for the other suspender and the elastic.
I folded and sewed it over 1/2 inch.
Now you will have your clasps all attached.  The next step is to sew your two fabric pieces together.  Piece them one on top of the other at an angle like so:
Sew at an angle, like you do when making bias tape binding.
Now that you have those sewn, you need to sew the elastic to the bottom.

Take your 2x2 coordinating piece, fold your edges for a clean look, wrap around your stitches connecting all your pieces, and sew on.

Finished suspenders.

Another finished picture.  (I should have used black thread for the elastic, I know.)

My little man modeling his suspenders.

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