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Friday, May 14, 2010

Do you collect Box Tops for Education?

Here is a simple tutorial to turn any can with a lid into a Box Top for Education Collection Can.

My doctor had given me a couple of cans of formula to try.  I just checked they were past their expiration dates, so I dumped the formula and cleaned the cans.  I decided I liked the bigger of the two for this project

I started by modpodging a strip down the side because my can was bigger than a 12 inch circumference. I then modpodged the rest of the can with the same paper
Once dry, I mod podged the entire can to seal it.  

I cut a hole in the lid, cut a hole in the paper and mod podged the paper on. Once it was on, I realized my hole wasnt big enough! So, I just cut them together a bit bigger.

Note to self: Don't use Baby Pink and expect it to show up

I cut these circles from the top and bottom of a cup

Have you ever seen one of these things? This little goody is my mother in law and she kindly lets me borrow it. It crinkles paper

Attach circles together, then to the can

The finished project. Still drying.

Jesse adding the first box top to the can.  Way for Education!


  1. Nifty! thanks for sharing this!

  2. Cute idea!! I love reading about all your crafty things!

    P.S. Just thought it random... and funny... the security word I have to enter to post this comment is "dorkeye." Where do they come up with these things?? lol

  3. I love the crinkle paper maker! I need one! I've never seen one :D

    I like it. I need to make myself one, I just store the tops in a bag now. :S


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