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Friday, October 16, 2009

Fab Friday Newz

Today is fab friday newz. I am not feeling overly excited because I have jury duty. Jury duty isnt that bad. Its the not getting paid, your husband being unemployed, not knowing how long this is going to last, and only have two diapers left that is bad. Oh my, only two diapers. Oh wait, I forgot-- the good city of Los Angeles will pay me $15... a DAY to be on a jury. man this stinks.

Onto better news. The good news. First, my birthday is coming up and Ive asked my husband to make tacos and he said he would!

Also, my Apa (dad) is going to visit my sister. I am so excited for her. and jealous that my dad will be able to meet the newest addition to our family. Since my sister lives so far away, I havent met my new nephew yet, but I will one day. :) I miss you!

And the best fab friday newz-- Jesse is adorable. LOL. that's it. I encourage everyone to join and just right a short post about some fab friday newz. Look at the good things in life! Click on the button above to find The Nueff and Mr. Linky.

Have a great day,


  1. Also...I look forward to Fab Friday Newz! Im glad youre doing it. hehe

  2. Love the way you look on the bright side! Somebody making tacos for you..priceless. Love it. I know you miss your sis! Mine's only an hour away. I am so lucky. I'm loving this lazy Saturday. Come visit.
    Sandra from SITS

  3. Girl, I feel ya... my hubby has been unemployed for 3 weeks and it STINKS.

    Thanks for stopping by. :)


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