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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Swagbucks ShoutOut

I recently joined Swagbucks.  What is it?  Its a search engine that rewards you swagbucks.  You can earn swagbucks all kinds of ways-- my favorite is when Im searching for something and a little swag dollar is just presented to me on my screen. Its fun.  Well, in the past couple of months that I have had it, I have earned enough swag dollars to redeem them for $10 amazon gift cards (where I bought my mod podge) and tomorrow I am going to have enough to get a  $5 amazon gift card (to go towards the payment of That 70s show season 8).  Im excited because you can use it as your regular search engine (I use it at work-- if I had it at home maybe I would earn more swag faster).  Well, Check it out HERE and I would get credit as you as a referral. Its nice to get referrals because some of the swag dollars they earn, you earn too!   Who doesnt love earning free stuff? And this is so easy!  Well, hopefully you check it out and then spread the word to others so you can get some referrals too!  Have a swag-tastic day!

Search & Win


  1. OKay, I signed up! And... you have an award on my blog! I miss you :(

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