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Monday, October 5, 2009

My ranting. Please skip if you want to read about rainbows and butterflies.

Today I am definitely a crabby patty. I think I am just angry at everything. My poor husband has to put up with me! (Thank you dear! ♥) Dumb Verizon wireless won’t let the hubs accept a stupid pic message… the picture message I'm trying to send? A piece of my car falling apart. I don’t know what it is. The siding metal strip has just decided to start peeling away from the car. Harrumph. As if I don’t have enough to deal with!

Sometimes challenges come and you can face them head on. Right now though, I feel like they are piling on top of me and I'm going to scream. Grrr.

I took a sick day off Friday. Turns out I don’t have any more sick days—there went my last vacation day of the year. No Disneyland on Chuck’s birthday I guess (free admission on your birthday in 2009).

On Saturday, I put Jesse down for a nap on my bed. Big mistake. He woke up and thud, I get the worst mom of the year award. A big bruise and a scab. I'm putting stuff on it so it won’t scar. Poor thing.

Then I come into work today and get all gloomy. I don’t want to be here. I feel like I'm already missing too much of Jesse’s life and it sucks because Chuck doesn’t have a job and I have to go to work. But even after Chuck gets a job it’s not like I can quit and be a SAHM because we made a stupid mistake 2 years ago and bought a brand new car. A car which we can’t really afford. And now I hate it. With a passion. Boo!

Even if I was a SAHM, I think I’d rather be a WAHM—help out with the finances and all, but I'm thinking that I don’t know how good I would be at that. My Avon business isn’t doing so well. I don’t have time to put into it, and I don’t have the financial understanding. I mean really, I would seriously have to talk to a tax professional before I ever went anywhere with my Avon business. I'm not even sure I'm doing it right as is even though I don’t make enough to have to pay taxes (I think). That and I’ve had an etsy shop for how long and nothing posted on it yet! Eek!

Even as I'm ranting I still can’t help but realize that I don’t have it so bad. I wish we had our own place, but at least my in laws have given a roof over my head. I wish that I was a stay at home mom, but at least Chuck is there with our son. I wish that we didn’t have the debt that we do (Come on Oprah—read my blog and save my family!!!), but at least we have an income. I wish that I wasn’t so crabby right now, but at least I have an outlet so that I don’t continue to yell at the hubs. I wish that life was easier, that I didn’t have these challenges, that I could go back and fix mistakes (dumb cars), but at least I am learning and growing.

End rant. Thank for listening. Or not. Ü



  1. I'm sooooo sorry! I wish I could give you a big ole hug!!!! You should link this up to the Manic Monday blog hop I do... it's PERFECT! I am soooo sorry, we all have our rants! It's really truly hard sometimes! I'm glad we're bloggy buddies though :D

  2. sometimes u just need to let it out ... we all do! no worries and i hope life gets better for ya! he didnt give u a challenge you couldnt handle ... YOU CAN DO IT! much love to ya! <3

  3. I'm really sorry to hear about your problems, but it does get easier if you just pray about it...the more the better! Thanks a lot for participating in Manic Monday, I do it every Monday so I hope I see you again, everyone needs to vent sometimes! I love your new blog design! ;)


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