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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Baby Blankets!

Wow!  It seems like everyone I know has just had a baby or is getting pregnant!  My cousin Jennie is pregnant with a little girl, and a friend Danielle is pregnant with - who knows! hehe.

So, trying to stay on top of things (I have a little baby, I have to start projects months in advance!), I started sewing recieving blankets!  So far I've got some cute girly ones done for my cousin, and some gender neutral for my friend.  Here are some shots of them, and one of my little man wrapped up!  They are super easy to make!  I just take about a yard of fabric, trim, wash, and double roll the edges.  I have a cute little edge that my machine makes, so its zig zag. ( I'll update later with a post of the edges - my camera battery died!!)



  1. Those are some cute blankets! I like the one on the left with all of the animals!

  2. Cute blankets! I do the exact same thing and make rounded corners. This time of year I double it up to make it extra thick and warm.

    Thanks for stopping by!


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