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Friday, December 11, 2009

Fab Friday Newz

Fab Friday!

Here is my good news:
One of the kids in my Primary class is getting baptized on Sunday!
Chuck is feeling much better-- dont think it was a kidney stone
Jesse says "hidad" and sometimes he will say "hi". but mostly Hi Dad as one word
I have been getting a lot more ideas for our Semi-Homade Christmas!  I will show you one of the things I have been working on soon!!!
My cube at work is getting cleaned out and I finally have space to put my papers etc.
Jesse's 1 year pictures came in and he is adorable!
Tomorrow I guest post over at [ReDeemed]-- Come check it out!
P.S. I finished some of my Picnic Roll's-- put together a tutorial, and added them to my etsy shop. Go me!

And here is my good news:
I'm halfway to 50! (Is that good or bad? ;))
I mailed out all my Christmas cards this year!
Sirona, my stepdaughter, got all her grades up - we did lots of extra credit, extra studying, and extra tutoring!!!
I've got all my containers to make my Christmas candles - pictures to follow when I get them melted, scented and poured!
And my last FFN - Here I am, chatting with you all!!!
Happy Friday to Everyone!!!


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