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Monday, December 21, 2009

What I made Monday

Welcome Bloggers!  It is Monday again (what a dreaded day) - and I'm here to show you what I made!
This is a recycled craft - last year I made scented towels dipped in candle wax and rolled.  I had a bunch of wax left!  And I had extra coffee mugs with Christmas decor on them, and they were sitting in a box in the basement.  What a waste!  So I decided to make Christmas candles - all I had to buy were the wicks!!!

To melt my wax - I used an old coffee can.  It works perfect for me - I can sit it on the stove in another pot with water.

Now, you can't let your wax burn!!  You are supposed to use a thermometer - but wouldn't you know, I didn't have one.  So, I just sorta guessed.  I slowly melted the wax, and once it was all liquid, I started to pour.
But! Before you go hog wild and start pouring - you need your wicks in your containers!  I dipped the metal edge in the melted wax, and stuck it to the bottom of the container, and clothes pinned the extra wick edge on the lip of the containers so the wick wouldn't move when poured on.  I also added cinnamon scent to the candles.  You can buy scents and candle dyes at any craft shop.  Cinnamon candles are one of my favorites, and since these were mostly for me - cinnamon it was! :D


Then, you pour.  I used an old funnel to pour it - very slowly.  You want to get it not quite at the top, because you will have to repour!

Now, once your wax has dried some, you will notice a dip in the middle of it.  Now we repour our melted wax, and top the candle off, so we don't have lumpy shapes!

Now you just cut your wicks - and tada!  Finished candles!  I have them everywhere!  One downstairs, one in the dining room, one in my daughters room, and one in the bathroom!  A quick and easy way to make my house festive! :D

I hope you all enjoyed.  Did anyone else get any crafting done this weekend??


  1. I was lucky to get my hair done this past weekend!! You are so amazing. What a cute idea.

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