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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Wednesday Dish!!!

Peanut Butter Blossoms!

Yes kiddos - once again, your Wednesday dish is cookies! (I'm a baker, what can I say)
These cookies are yummy! Everyone loves them!  They are pretty easy to make, and easy to wrap up in a cute bag and bow - then just slap on a gift tag and give it to your neighbors, coworkers, other SAHM's in your play groups - anyone who you want to say thanks to and show you're thinking of them!!!  But don't forget to save a few for yourself, cuz they are delicious!  I even took the time to make a cuter recipe card.  (Yes, I can see you there rolling your eyes and saying "well La-Di-Dah".  I know who you are!)

The hardest part of this cookie is rolling them in sugar, and after baking putting a chocolate goodie on top!  Most people put chocolate kisses, but I have a lovely Father in Law who delivers for a candy shoppe, and they give me chocolate stars!  Then I don't have to unwrap them, and it's a nice unique touch.

So here are the pictures kiddos, and the recipe.  I hope you try them, enjoy them, and share them! :D

Rolling them in sugar!
On the pan to bake.

The stars - you gotta push them a little to stick in the cookies!

The longest part of the cookies is the cooling time!  I set them on paper towels on my counter top.  The chocolate melts and then has to reset.  Once all my cookies are baked, I use my natural cooler (its about 20 outside here in Wisconsin) and put them on trays and sit in the garage for a little and the chocolate cools super quick!  And there you have it.  Yummy cookies!!

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