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Friday, December 18, 2009

Fab Friday Newz

Happy Friday to all the readers!!
It's time for another round of

This Friday my news is:
1. I got my Christmas presents mailed out to my family in California ( to me, this is fabulous!!!  It's been coming together for so long, and I thought it might be late, but no, it's scheduled to be delivered next Wednesday!!!)
2. On a sad note - my poor little man got shots! Yes, I know, they are good for him.  But I can't help shed a tear every time he gets poked!  He got extra shots this visit because of flu shots. :(  Poor guy!!!
3. I filled almost all of my baking orders!!  I still have one for next Monday, but the rush is over!  Phew!!!
What's everyone else's FFN???

My News:
My husband is doing well with his finals. Looks like he might pull of straight A's this semester
I signed up for a Creative Writing Class for next semester. Yikes.

I am extremely exhausted and stressed. Why is this good? Its good that its almost Christmas and the stress can lessen.
And, since my hubs doesnt read this blog, I can say that I bought tickets for he and I to go to our first play in January! Exciting!


  1. My lil sis is getting hitched tomorrow!! wahoo! all the fam is in town and we're having parties and games and having a blast!

    I hate it when my little man gets shots too. It's rough!!

    Way to go to your hubby for getting all A's! That's quite the accomplishment!
    Merry Christmas!

  2. Woohoo to your little sis!!! How exciting!

  3. BLING! that is sooooooo exciting!

  4. Cute blog, I do Fab Friday Finds on my lil blog.

  5. Congratulations on all you got done, on your husband's grades and most of all on getting to go to a play next month! I hope you enjoy that.


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