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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bridal Shower Gift for Amy

Last Saturday I went to a Bridal Shower for my cousin-to-be Amy. 

Aren't the the cutest couple? Well, they had the bridal shower last week and are getting married in April. I decided to do a homemade gift this year, but I couldn't decide. So instead of a cute theme, or just one gift, I made a bunch of things and gave them to her. I think that she'll enjoy it even without a theme ;)

The first thing that I really wanted to do because I saw it on SEW DANG CUTE.  I couldn't figure our the tutorial (it was early in the morning) so I sent of my picture to Tam and she sent this back to me:

I made a color copy and a black and white copy and framed the color one and gave the black and white as an extra.

I wanted to do a cute apron but didnt have a lot of scrap fabric big enough.  I looked online for some cute ideas to make with old Jeans for an apron and this is what I came up with.  I took mostly ideas from one site MyBrydHouse

Who knew that she would get 5 aprons? Mine was the only homemade one, but also the only half apron.  

I also had an idea for a old clock that I had cracked the front clear cover on

The favorite part that I made was the Fabric Dryer Sheets. I have been looking online a lot lately for ways to save money and have been excited to run across the idea of fabric dryer sheets. I got busy and made a handful so I might be adding some to my etsy shop.  I also gave her my cell number in case she didnt see the directions on how to use them. :D

I also gave her some smaller things. I made some felt flowers using the tutorial from TheHowToGal.  Ive expanded on her tutorial and will show you my other creations soon. I also sent a scrubby dish cloth, a picnic roll, a bling ring keychain from work, and a set of magnetic mod podged clothespins.

I hope she enjoys the group of gifts and has time to check them out later (she looked at most of it at the shower but I wrapped it so that she could look at the smaller things later).


  1. Everything looks so adorable! What a lucky cousin-to-be she is!! How 'bout a tute on those dryer sheets(wink wink;))

  2. Love the proclamation with their picture! And what a cute couple, it turned out great! What a good idea! Thanks for joining the party!!!

  3. They are a cute couple! Wow... you are so creative! What a wonderful group of shower gifts... I'm sure she loved every one of them! :)



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