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Monday, March 29, 2010

Kiddy Craft Bags

I'm so happy! I recently purchased a new sewing machine.  The one I've been using prior was my MILs, and it was just a cheaper one from Target.  It sewed, but was nothing fancy.  Now, I got myself a Brother.  It even has a fancy computerized screen! (I know, some of you might have super fancy ones, but this is so new to me!!!)  It even has different feet! I can quilt now!!! (which I will work on soon.)

So - my SIL who is a quilter was visiting this weekend, and I made THESE fancy bags.  I didn't have a charm pack, so I just bought the fabric and cut the 5x5 squares myself :D

Aren't they cute?  One is for my little man, one for my little nephew!  I've only ever really done basic sewing, so I'm proud of myself for all the pockets and the crayon holders!!! (Pats self on back)

I'm now working on pincushions and a table runner for the MIL.  I'm working up to a big quilt! :D

Happy Crafting Kiddos!!!


  1. SO CUTE!! I love how these turned out!


  2. How cute!! You did a great job....those pats on the back are well deserved!!

    Thanks for linking @Creative Itch's "Sew Cute Tuesday"!!


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