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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Crochet Dishcloths

So - I have to admit it, even when I don't need yarn, if it's a killer deal I buy it!  Yes, I have a large rubbermaid tub full of unused yarn.  Yes, I still recently picked up 10 small skiens of it!  All for a good cause - drum roll please - dishcloths.  There are so many ways to make adorable washcloths.  So many patterns to choose from, so many colors, so many ways to make them my own.  The best part of it is, they are so nice to use! I love them.  I don't have to purchase any dishcloths because I make them my own!!! :D

Here are all the lovely colors I have for dishcloths.  The hubby helped pick out a bunch.  I realized, after crocheting some dishcloths up, that I don't have but one solid color! Maybe there will be another sale and I can remedy that! :D

I also tried two new patterns out.  Both have "nobbs" or "bubbles" on them to help you scrub dirty pans! I think I have dishcloth fever!

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  1. Really cute colors! Im glad you are so talented sister!


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