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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Moda Bake Shop

Okay, so I might be a bit slow, and my wonderful readers might already know about this lovely site but..

After re-reading a lot of SewDangCutes posts, I went to the Moda Bake Shop website.  I love it!  So far I've saved three posts I really love!  You all need to go there and check out their adorable patterns!  The best part is they have super easy directions to follow and very thorough tutorials.  Everyone go click and read! :D


  1. I notice that you have the links right in your post. I have not, for the life of me, been able to figure out how to do that on my blog. If you have a second could you please explain how I can do it too. Thanks!

  2. Hey! I can teach you how to do it, it's super easy!

    When you are composing your blog post, there is a button uptop next to where you can select fonts that says "link". The easiest was to do it is to go the site you would like to link to, and copy and paste that into the link address space. You can write anything in the top space, to designate your link. If this doesn't make sense, or you need more help, please email! There's always time in the day to help other bloggers!!!


  3. Yeah, it worked. I can't believe I never knew that, it's so easy! Thank you sooo much.


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