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Monday, March 8, 2010

Sewing's more fun with Friends!

My lovely sewing buddy Jennie came over Saturday and we had another "Sewing Party."  This time, we were both making the same thing!  She is much faster than I am, so I was able to watch her and make mine. 

We made "snuggies" and I think they turned out very nice!!  Mine was for my SD Sirona, and Jennie's was for herself.   I did model for the one I made...but putting it on turned me into a monster!!! :D

I'm SO happy to have got this all sewn up.  It is much easier to sew when you have someone to help motivate you.  Thanks also to my lovely husband who watched the little man when he wanted to run around and help us sew :D

Now to finish the table runner to match my placemats!  I have it pinned, but need to sew it and turn it.  When it's done, hopefully by Tuesday, I will take pictures to show you all.  I'm very excited!  It will make an awesome table setting!!!


  1. Cute! I want a custom snuggie :)

  2. It wasn't too hard! The hardest part for me was the sleeves! Now I need to make one for myself...time to shop for fabric sales!! :D


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